La Llorona
Two hundred years ago in Guanajuato she had a family and a happy home
Until one day he thought he could leave her all alone
She went crazy, stabbed and drowned all their three children
So he could never take them in his flight
She threw herself off a cliff into the rocks that night

She comes down the mountain and she's crying every night
In a black cloak and a shawl and her green eyes burning bright
She cries for what she did and all her love gone cold
Condemned for all of time looking for her children's souls

There's children playing in an old abandoned trash field on the south side of Juarez
They disappeared and they never came back again
La llorona haunts the hills and roams the desert, the riverbanks the alleys and the shores
When children see her, they never come back no more

La llorona will appear outside your window with breath as cold as ice and eyes afire
To snatch your babies in the pale moon's witching hour

And all the youthful dreams that she held in her breast
Beaten black and blue, poisoned by a drunk man's breath
Shed a tear for la llorona, light a candle, say a prayer
If you hear some woman cryin' but there ain't nobody there