Greetings you all,

I would like to share with you a quote from the philosopher Sören Kierkegaard:

"All comparison is worldly, all insistence upon it is a worldly clinging to the bondage of vanity." 
-from 'On the Occasion of a Confession' in Three Discourses for Imagined Occasions

Suspending the will to heed sound advice only temporarily, I landed in third of the three winners announced in the Spring Songwriter Competition at Blue Light, next to respective first and second place winners Jerry Serrano and Jon Young.  Congrats to these talented gentlemen and fellow songwriters. I encourage you to support them.  And hats off to all the songwriters who came out on the last four Mondays and put themselves and their best efforts and passion in front of people to be judged.

Maybe now there'll be some folks listening who otherwise wouldn't have been. That's about what I was hoping for anyway. 

Charlie Stout said songwriting is not a competition.  I guess that's mostly right. Yea, it's true that there are no winners in art-- subjects cannot represent value for other subjects. On the other hand there are many systems in place which reflect the fact that people have precisely that idea in mind-- the aim of bringing a subjective representation into something like an objective standard, or if you will, a ranking system for art. We have countless examples of that already in place in the form of charts, lists, songwriting competitions etc. So in that sense there is, in fact, something competitive about songwriting, to human beings anyway.  Not to mention the (important, I think) competition against the 'you' of yesterday.  None of that other stuff really amounts to very much if you just blew someone's mind with a song. That one person's reaction might actually mean more, and probably does, than a million lukewarm reactions by fans who bought a record because "you all need to go buy this record".  So what I'm trying to say is that million-dollar quarterly deposit going in your favorite Texas country artist's bank account is, essentially, nothing. So now that that's settled...

Catch me at an upcoming show before I take off for Europe!

May 12-  The Blue Max w/ Whiskey Dick, Midland 
May 30- Bar PM, Lubbock
June 1-  The Jody Jones Songwriter Showcase @ Magnolia Motor Lounge, Ft Worth
June 2-  Lola's, Ft Worth

Final papers must be written. Grad school or back to the  highway?  Or break down and get a real job?  I honestly don't know.  Thanks for all the support. I appreciate each one of you. I know you are few. But that's just more appreciation to go around, right?

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Would Stout agree with Kierkegaard?



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